Collection: Jarret Rubin, We all pay taxes to God, January 14-April 7

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des pair books is pleased to present We all Pay Taxes to God, the first solo exhibition by Jarret Rubin.

Jarret Rubin’s figurative approach to painting rejects the institutional technique, finding inspiration through the situations, emotions, and people in his surroundings instead. Rubin utilizes representation in his work to capture the romanticism of the  banal; depicting the mundanity of decisions and moments that inevitably lead to outcomes of both despair and happiness. 

Rubin focusses on the urban realities and identities found in modern society. During his time at art school, he chased what he thought was freedom through inebriation, a time remembered as bitter sweet ignorance when the bar was an escape from reality. As a result, problems of alienation, acceptance of tragedy, celebrations amongst defeat, self-deception and other similar anxieties are shown in an unflinching manner in his paintings, oftentimes insisting the setting holds as much importance as the figure. He is particularly inspired by the social, cultural, and economic ambience of his home city of Los Angeles.